Number 11 at my birthday

Birthday Number Meaning

12th February

If you want to read more about this day, then check out the 12th February Birthday Print here! The volatile nature of February 13 people can see them face great difficulties in life, most notably when they are young and in their teens. They can attract criticism and rejection so it is important for them to hold on tight to their individuality and resist the pressure to conform. Once they discover the right path and goals to devote their considerable energy to, they will be highly successful.

Born on November 11 - Birthday - #aboutyourbirthday - Sample

Life with a February 13 will never be boring, they will have many friends and admirers but should learn to turn down the spontaneity a few notches and cultivate more self control and willpower.. If you want to read more about this day, then check out the 13th February Birthday Print here! They may not appear to take life too seriously but February 14 individuals are quick thinkers with high levels of concentration, and can be very effective in accomplishing tasks. The sharp wit of February 14 people can work both for them and against them. They may be very good at amusing people, but their cutting wit can be less appreciated when directed at their loved ones.

They often camouflage their emotions with funny conversation as they are also deeply sensitive..

If you want to read more about this day, then check out the 14th February Birthday Print here! While they may bring a positive mental outlook to their endeavours, some February 15 people can become deeply disappointed by failure or criticism, and lack the patience to hang on in. Sometimes they are very stubborn in their judgments and actions. People of number 11 have to strive to "earthen" their thoughts and learn to take advantage of their special sensitivity.

In their emotional and sexual life, people of Number 11 are sometimes contradictory.

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They have a big appetite and sexual strength. But they do not like any difficulties. They are too shy to seek satisfaction of their desires, and at the same time, very honest and faithful.

Do Your Own Numerology: your Birthday number

They can not endure the betrayal as well as defeat. No mater how shy they may seem, people of Number 11 never accept any support from anyone - they love their independence too much. This feature comes, of course, from the doubled Number 1. But let's not forget, that two ones are giving us number 2 - with it's shyness and sensitivity.

Soul Numerology Your Birthday Number

Anyone who is willing to deal with the Number 11, should better become a monument of patience and tact. They have to study how to show support without showing it not an easy task, isn't it? If Number 11 will suspect, that you take him as a weak person - he will be seriously insulted and will immediately rejects your support.

Friends and spouses of such people should be able to be leaders, when necessary, and followers, when required. The main thing here is to know: when you must lead and when you must follow. For this reason, your angel message is to always be aware of your thoughts and feelings because the images you hold in your mind materialize in your life.

Remember always, like attracts like. And the truth of the matter is that there is more than one meaning for , depending on your beliefs and how open you are to the metaphysical world. When you are repeatedly seeing or on the clock, the Universe wants to tell you that you are waking up to your innate desire to evolve and progress, and realizing that what you are truly seeking is meaning in your life.

You become aware of unresolved issues like guilt, shame, hurt, anger and unforgiveness that disturb your inner peace and deplete your physical, emotional and spiritual energy.

You start to recognize them as disguised blessings and opportunities for true self-healing. By understanding that these experiences are lessons for soul growth, you begin to heal inside and evolve spiritually as you resolve more issues. According to the ninth principle of Principles of Spiritual Psychology: Every time a single person resolves a single issue, angels rejoice and all of humanity moves forward in its evolution. In this sense, you become peaceful and loving when you resolve issues.

When you become more aware of your own ability to heal within, you begin to break down the walls that were previously built around you so you can finally move forward and discover the path to freedom for true inner peace. And as you go through life, every experience — whether you view it as good, bad or neutral — is growth for your soul.

Nothing is ever wasted because every experience will help you further your spiritual evolution. Experience means progress and it is your pathway back to the Universal Source from which you came. This is also the common goal of everything that lives. Number is about releasing fears and old beliefs learned from childhood or early adulthood. You begin to realize that these old beliefs are not truths, so you start to shed these old ways of living. As you step into the next cycle, keep in mind that nothing is a coincidence.

Experiences are arranged with souls that have all agreed to play out their appropriate roles in your life. Someone is playing the role of your best friend while someone else is playing the role of your foe. Every situation is teaching you a lesson you need to learn. It's alright to go through the same experiences many times because there is always something to be learned. The Universe understands how life works so there are no judgments toward you, no matter what you do. The Universe simply sees your beautiful soul making its way back to the Divine Light.

The whole purpose of being on earth is to grow through these experiences. So be brave and take new steps toward your higher version. If not, you will just feed your old limiting beliefs. It just needs to be in the direction of your highest potential. Just do it! Tiptoe if you must, but take a step. Seeing brings the message of following the path of your heart.

Your intuition, that soft voice that guides you, lives in your heart. It is where your True Self resides — your Higher Self — the one that truly knows what is best for you and steers you in the direction of your life plan that you created before you incarnated on earth. There was probably a lesson that you needed to learn from that experience.

number 11 at my birthday Number 11 at my birthday
number 11 at my birthday Number 11 at my birthday
number 11 at my birthday Number 11 at my birthday
number 11 at my birthday Number 11 at my birthday
number 11 at my birthday Number 11 at my birthday

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