Nakshatras in astrology

What is a Nakshatra?

Janmanakshatra is the Nakshatra in which the Moon was placed at the time of birth. The Moon travels through a Nakshatra in a day. These celestial luminaries make all the difference in astrological calculations. Initially, the zodiac was grouped in 12 Rashis for convenience, however the ancient seers have farther subdivided the heavens into 27 Nakshatras or star constellations for the call of precession. These constellations or the Nakshatras emerged as one of the most important components in Astrology.

Nakshatra Names and Their Meanings

Check today nakshatra. Vedic astrology identifies each constellation with a star. The degree division of the sky is therefore further divided into 27 subdivision of Each of these Nakshatras are farther subdivided into four Padas or quarters of 3 degrees and 20 minutes. In this manner, each Rashi comprises of 9 Padas. Some schools of astrology also consider 28 divisions with an additional star called Abhijit.

However, for all practical purposes only 27 stars starting from Ashwini are considered. Ref: the chart. These Nakshatras are broadly classified under the three heads of Deva divine , Nara human and Rakshasa Demonic.

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Farther, they are subdivided by their gender and Varna cast , and are also ascribed with qualities such as colour, presiding deity, merits and ruler ship of body parts, planets etc. While the effects of a particular planet placed in a Rashi is studied, the position of the planet in respect to the Nakshatra and its particular Pada is also born in mind. Indians through ages have been taking into account these Nakshatras for determining the auspicious dates and Muhurtha moment for any cultural or religious event including marriage. This fire has a childlike nature.


The transformative power of Krittika is evident from these comments. Rohini is ruled by Prajapati, the Creator or Lord of Creatures. Its power is growth rohana shakti. Its basis above is the plants and below is the waters. The result of these three is creation. Rohini Nakshatra allows for growth and creation on all levels, bestowing great fertility and creativity.

However it also evokes some degree of jealousy because others may resent that a person gains such abundance.

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Moreover it can increase desire. But these are only side effects to its great prosperity. Prajapati is the creator who can bestow everything, so we should be careful what we want. The benefic nature of Rohini is evident here and its ability to help all projects flourish and ascend. Rohini gives the power of creation, including the ability to come together with friends and loved ones.

It is good for procreation as well. Mrigashira is ruled by Soma, the God of the Moon and the immortal nectar. Its power is giving fulfillment prinana shakti. Its basis above is extension. Its basis below is weaving producing clothing , creating a tapestry, like a beautiful cloth, to make our life more attractive. Mrigashira Nakshatra fills or covers with joy or ananda.

It is like a beautiful cloth to make our life more attractive.

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Soma is a great enjoyment that is won, conquered, bought or stolen, so its procurement does not always come easily. However, what does not require effort to gain is not always enjoyed either. The power of this Nakshatra to bring delight and happiness comes out in these statements. This bliss can be healing, rejuvenative or transformational. Ardra is ruled by Rudra, the fierce form of Lord Shiva who represents thunder. Its power is effort yatna shakti , particularly for making gains in life. Its basis above is hunting or searching. Its basis below is reaching the goal.

These bring about achievement. Ardra Nakshatra arouses us to greater effort in life. This struggle can bring great rewards but not without persistence and a degree of luck. Rudra is the hunter and the wielder of the bow. The idea here also suggests placing of the arrow and hitting the target. For this one must have a good aim, as well as the strength to shoot. Rudra is also the lord of wild animals. One can gain success under this Nakshatra only through effort, striving and struggle, but great achievements are possible.

Ardra gives rulership over the animals or all that they symbolize, including the wilder elements of human nature. Rudra as the hunter is also the power of discernment and represents the fierce forms of Lord Shiva. Punarvasu is ruled by Aditi, the Great Mother Goddess.

Its power is the ability to gain wealth or substance vasutva prapana shakti. Its basis above is the wind or air. Its basis below is wetness or rain. These bring about the revitalization of the plants. Punarvasu Nakshatra brings about the return of energy and vitality, like the return of the monsoon rains after the dry season.

It causes our creative growths and inspirations to be renewed. Aditi is the Earth Goddess who grants all abundance and gives birth to all the Gods. The need for feminine and nourishing energies is in evidence.

Punarvasu gives creative and healing powers, particularly relative to herbs and trees. It is a Nakshatra of fertility. Yet it also relates to the cosmic Mother overall, including in her space form that is the womb of all creation. Pushya is ruled by Brihaspati, the God of Divine wisdom. Its power is the ability to create spiritual energy brahmavarchasa shakti. Its basis above is sacrificial worship. Its basis below is the worshipper.

These result in the creation of spiritual energy. Pushya Nakshatra increases our good karma and good efforts, including our sadhana or yoga rpactice. The value of this Nakshatra for religious and spiritual practices is emphasized. Brihaspati is the lord of speech, particularly mantras and prayer, and of all forms of worship, including meditation, so these indications are all in harmony with his functions. Great success can be gained with dharmic pursuits under its influence.

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Pushya gives spiritual or religious power and authority. It is good for teaching, connection with the guru, ritual, teaching and devotion.

Aslesha is ruled by the serpent God. It has the power to inflict with poison visasleshana shakti. Its basis above is the approach of the serpent.

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