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Always the life of the party, the monkey has a paw on the pulse of life and senses trends long before anyone else.

Chinese Zodiac Compatibility Chart

So they find success in the media, advertising, and design. The monkey can also be very tricky and needs to guard against a tendency to take advantage of slower types. Rooster: No one crows louder than the proud rooster, but few have more to crow about. The rooster is a shrewd, sharp, confident operator, who dreams big and looks to the stars. Roosters strut proudly and so choose careers where they can show off and reach impossible goals, such as the entertainment industry, or a business idea that breaks barriers and travels world wide.

The element of the rooster is metal, and the color is white. Dog: The faithful dog will always be there for family and friends. The dog takes setbacks philosophically, and find comfort in familiar, homely things. The dog will also attack when it feels a loved one is threatened, so remember the wise advice and let sleeping dogs lie.

How to use Chinese Astrology Five Elements Chart

Dogs do well in professions based on caring for others, such as teaching and nursing. Pig: The honorable and scrupulous pig is one of the easiest signs of the Chinese Zodiac to get along with. But they are easily shocked, and also easily gulled into schemes cooked by some of the less scrupulous signs.

The Pig has a creative side which should be nurtured, and will often find fulfillment, if not success, in the arts. The element of the pig is water, the color black. What element are you? The year of birth in which you were born corresponds to one of the five elements.

Chinese Zodiac: Birth Year Conversion Table

An easy way for determining your element is to consider the last numeral in your year of birth and find your element below:. So for example if you were born in , your element is Fire; if you were born in , your element is Metal, and so forth. See also The Year of the Dog Horoscopes.

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Try our Love Oracle , which is based on fortune telling with playing cards. Read about each zodiac sign. The Sheep Child. The Monkey Child.

The Chinese Zodiac - What is my Chinese Zodiac Sign?

The Rooster Child. The Dog Child. The Pig Child. Chinese Calendar - For complete tables, check the Wikipedia.

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Follow her on Twitter. Sections x. A Doula Talks About Miscarriage. Lego My Lego! Chinese Zodiac for Kids and Parents Expecting a bundle of joy in ? Read all about the Chinese zodiac sign of the pig. The other method is calculated on solar calendar. In China, one year can be divided into 24 solar terms , which are used to indicate the climate change and guide the schedule of farming work. The Lichun term Start of Spring comes first, which falls on February 4 or 5. If you have got your sign through the Chinese horoscope calculator, discover more about your Love Compatibility.

Divide your year of birth by 12 and read about the remainder. If the number of the year can be divided with no remainder, take the remainder as zero. Each remainder corresponds to an animal sign. Take the great singer Celine Dion for example: She was born in So she is in Monkey sign. Barack Obama was born in If you use an electronic math calculator, follow this way to get the remainder. Chinese Zodiac Time. Chinese Zodiac Years Chart. Tai Sui.

chinese horoscope table Chinese horoscope table
chinese horoscope table Chinese horoscope table
chinese horoscope table Chinese horoscope table
chinese horoscope table Chinese horoscope table
chinese horoscope table Chinese horoscope table
chinese horoscope table Chinese horoscope table
chinese horoscope table Chinese horoscope table

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