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Although marriage may seem like a mere formality in our contemporary society, from a Vedic astrological standpoint, an indissoluble bond is created by joining in matrimony that does not exist in a courtship, even if the courtship has lasted a decade. However, if the planets in their charts do not support marriage, soon after the wedding the couple may feel like strangers. They sense that they made a big mistake.

This happens because during courtship, antagonistic planets between two people slide over each other easily, as if Teflon-coated.

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Points of contention or great differences don't strongly impede the way they get along. In fact, often disagreements are explained away as being unimportant or even the spice that keeps things interesting. Generally, the rough spots don't stay difficult for long. But when a couple whose planets are antagonistic decides to marry, those planets lock together.

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Suddenly those points of stress that could once slip in and out of tension are locked, and a person may feel trapped, suffocated, or overwhelmed by the energy of the other. Or they can feel a sudden distance, as if their spouse was just a friend instead of a husband or a wife same-sex marriages work the same way. The little things that used to be endearing idiosyncrasies during a courtship can become intensely annoying or off-putting in a marriage.

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  6. Nonetheless, if you are committed to making a marriage work, and you are willing to concentrate on healing the negativity between you and your partner, you can make the marriage last. Your own will, passion and compassion, can bring about enormous results. But please, consult the planets first! Compatibility When analyzing two charts for compatibility in marriage, it's important that the Moons and Venuses be well-placed. Good placements include conjunction in the same house , sextile the 3rd house from itself , trine the 5th house from itself and opposition the 7th house from itself.

    Harmony in relationships is challenged when planets are in square the 4th house from itself , or in the 6th, 8th, or 2nd and 12th houses from each other. The rising signs can be in square as long as you thrive on being with someone whose external expression of himself or herself is quite different from your own. Otherwise, the rising signs should be conjunct, in sextile, trine or opposition positions.

    When considering planetary compatibility, recognize that the house that planet occupies will inflect the characteristic of the planet with its own temperament. So even if the aspects are favorable, the way those planets interact may not be satisfactory. Let's look at some compatibility in charts: For an example of a nice courtship that became a marriage from hell, below are the charts of Sharon and Ken.

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    Hindu astrology ebooks
    Hindu astrology ebooks
    Hindu astrology ebooks
    Hindu astrology ebooks
    Hindu astrology ebooks
    Hindu astrology ebooks
    Hindu astrology ebooks

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