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This is part of the reason why their attempts to create balance in their daily life are highly problematical. If necessary, tear obstructions down to rediscover your sensitive self. Learning to trust may mean ceasing to fear. Without denying your need to explore the depths and the heights, take the middle road more often. These are the ones with a faraway look, most likely thinking brilliant and futuristic thoughts.

Their minds seem to roam the outer edges of what is possible, and many of them make the impossible a reality as pioneers in science and technology. And their quirky, wholly original take on life gives them an edge should they venture into the Arts. Click on your birthday to reveal the famous people who share that date with you. Aquarians born on January 21 are unique.

TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)

Cool on the outside, they possess a magnetism that puts them in the spotlight. Although they can appear somewhat egotistical, they are generous souls. Sexual, spiritual and intelligent, these fun-loving men and women seem to have it all — and on their terms. They can see the humor in things, even themselves. Holder, Jr. They are talented and usually enjoy calling attention to themselves.

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Able to find the uniqueness in each experience, they enjoy the resonance of negative as well as positive emotions. Often put in the position of role model, they do not generally regard their conduct as anything special. Miller, Jr. Beneath the surface of their sophistication, they are kind.

They have a genuine love for others and a willingness to reveal their vulnerabilities to those they love. They are cloaked in mystery, always holding something in reserve. Dreamy and introspective, they have magnetism and charm. They have a profound sense of their destiny.

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Intelligent and gifted, they may feel they are passed over by people who are less talented. Aquarians make their own rules and are not afraid to strike out in unexpected directions. Distinctive in appearance and attitude, they set an example for others. Their strength of character and steely intelligence give them a unique persona; they use these talents to their advantage.

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  • They may have trouble balancing the disparate sides of their nature, but this is one of their most intriguing traits. They are alternately focused and indifferent. They possess an attractiveness that has nothing to do with their looks. Smith [Guitarist] Samuel C. They have the common sense to be as tolerant and forgiving of their own faults as those of others. They may appear somewhat prickly, but they are actually gentle and philosophical in nature despite their strong political beliefs.

    They will put their reputation on the line to bring about necessary change. DuMont [Inventor] W.

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    They are great humanitarians: generous but somewhat self-deprecating. It may be difficult for them to see their good traits without having them validated by loved ones. They may seem serious, but they know how to have a good time. What may appear to be egotism is a simple appreciation for their gifts and talents.

    They are intelligent, yet their brilliance can be undermined by foolish choices. These impulsive people seem able to meld the diverse sides of their personality. Something in their nature attracts danger. They can come too close to the dark side of their personality and must confront it. They seem ageless, and their physical attractiveness testifies to their need to present themselves favorably.

    They are sticklers for honesty. They need to display their unconventional personality and embrace controversial issues. They can be eccentric yet may shelter themselves beneath a personality that reflects conventional views. They put faith in planning, knowing that hard work pays off.

    They are inspired by what can be achieved through hard work.

    They have enormous self-discipline and can be extremely austere when it comes to cutting unnecessary encumbrances. Paradoxically, they also have a loner mentality, though they can shine socially. They are haughty yet lovable. They have a strong code of behavior and generally have strong religious or spiritual beliefs.

    They have a thoroughly modern outlook but are set in their ways. These likable individuals have so much charm that even rivals compliment them. People born on this date have the potential to become legendary. They embrace humanity and use their talents and personal goodness for the benefit of others.

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    They need to express strong opinions but do so in a gracious and nonthreatening way. Others may sense that they have a private agenda they are not willing to share.

    Although this may be the case, their great personal charm and sweetness make them popular. They have a powerful life-force, with evidence of psychic awareness. Although they may appear almost sphinx-like in their emotional isolation, they are intense. Before they can use their talents and gifts, they must master — and understand — their personal power.

    They need to communicate their ideas through action. There is often a great deal of struggle in their lives, but they accept it with grace, knowing they can only become what they envision through hard work or even sadness. They believe in their abilities but have nothing of the egocentric about them. They fight for the underdog.

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    Their ability to see beyond their own concerns is a characteristic that makes them praiseworthy. They have a single-mindedness that allows them to sacrifice to bring a goal to fruition. Despite their seriousness, they have a sunny side. Their Aquarian nature draws people to them, but they are loners at heart.

    They have incredible energy, though they may not always use it wisely. They find it easy to get through life on charm and good looks. Glitter is only one of their sides. Their verbal skills are considerable. They have an edgy charm that makes them irresistible. They are the picture of romanticism. Their sarcasm is usually reserved for extreme situations, but most loved ones feel its sting at one time or another.

    tarot tilly january 29 Tarot tilly january 29
    tarot tilly january 29 Tarot tilly january 29
    tarot tilly january 29 Tarot tilly january 29
    tarot tilly january 29 Tarot tilly january 29
    tarot tilly january 29 Tarot tilly january 29

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