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Osho Times - A Horoscope for Meditators. Sally Kirkman - Long and luxurious monthly horoscopes from popular astrologer and astrology blogger, Sally Kirkman. You have an extraordinary chart, and if you could bottle your star power and sell it, people would beat a path to your door and snap it up at any price. You have waited 12 years to see a year this special, and it will begin now, this month. I call it the start of your Emerald Year—a year when so many of your dreams will come to fruition. We only get eight Emerald years in a lifetime, assuming you live to I cannot think of a sign more deserving than you to receive the plethora of goodies Jupiter is about to send you, dear Capricorn.

Ever since your ruling planet, Saturn, entered Capricorn on December 19, , you began a challenging period, and over the past two years, you were tested on many levels. As is usual with your sign, you soldiered on no matter how daunting the tasks, taking one day at a time and putting one foot in front of the other.

Capricorn Horoscope for December 12222

Of all the signs, you were tested the most, yet you complained the least. Saturn remains in one sign—in this case, Capricorn—for nearly 3 years. Saturn shows up every 29 years, so if you do the math, you see that you can only have two to three visits of taskmaster Saturn to Capricorn in your lifetime. Saturn, knowing he will not have time to visit you more often, sets up tests and lessons that are so vivid that you will remember all you were taught in three years for the following three decades. You may not realize how much you have grown—think back to where you were in and early-to-mid , before this trend began.

Jupiter will see that you will increasingly find and take advantage of lucky breaks and opportunities. More and more, you will find yourself at the right place at the right time. Finding love may be the greatest joy of all for single Capricorns. Additionally, you will be able to garner the attention of VIPs, make many new friends, and some of these new friends will have an important role to play in your future.

You will have rare control over events because so many planets are back to Capricorn spreading their warmth all over your chart. That new moon in Capricorn will not be just any normal new moon. Rather, it will be one so dazzling it will have the power of three new moons rolled into one, for it will be a solar eclipse in Capricorn on December 25 or In North and South America, it will be December In the rest of the world, it will be December The opportunities and news coming to you will be new, and it looks like you have no idea yet of what is coming—these surprises are good ones!

If you are single, having Jupiter in your sign is the best place to discover the one person to fall in love with and with whom you can build a life together. If you are already attached, the two of you will grow closer and have more fun this year. Your health will improve too, and your old optimism will return. Jupiter is called the great healer, because having this planet in your sign is known to help rejuvenate you physically and mentally. If you have not been well, keep in mind that astrologers also call Jupiter the planet of miracles.

Weekly Horoscope for Capricorn by Deborah Browning:

Keep your chin up and seek a doctor who is up on all the newest medical techniques and breakthroughs. You now have reason for hope. As an aside, if you were born between and , many of the planets were in Capricorn during those years too, and this year will light up your natal Capricorn planets.

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People born in those years will find the coming year one that will be friendly and encouraging. Of course, no period ever replicates an earlier period exactly, but if you were born during the time I listed, you are likely to feel that Earth is a friendly place to be. Jupiter was not one of the planets orbiting in Capricorn during those years, to , so this coming year, , will bring Jupiter into the picture, making for an even more encouraging environment to you. Your feeling of ease with life events will seem new, for over the last two years, you were being challenged at every turn.

Now you will move into a sunny, happy period, no matter what year you were born. A new baby might form part of the picture of for you, too.

Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

If so, that little munchkin will spread joy to the entire family. If you have children, they will be protected and encouraged by events throughout the New Year. One or more of your children will bring you happy news in this extraordinary year ahead. Eclipses are the most radical tool the universe uses to create change.

Susan Miller, Astrologer, Goddess of Interview with Nadiya Shah

They will speed up your timetable and ask you to re-arrange plans. They reveal to us that we are capable of doing more than we suppose, and in the case of a new moon solar eclipse, you will move in a new direction. The January eclipse will set your meditation in motion.

All new moon solar eclipses tend to create a new path that was not there before it appeared. This can be quite exciting. This December eclipse is fantastic because remarkably, it will arrive conjunct Jupiter, an exceedingly rare situation. The solar eclipse will be at four degrees, and Jupiter will be at five degrees, both in Capricorn, so the new moon eclipse and Jupiter will arrive on the head of a pin, and it thrills me to share this with you.

On top of this, Uranus, planet of surprise, will be at three-degrees Taurus and send his silvery electric beams to the solar eclipse from his position in your fifth house of truelove, children, and creativity—again, a perfect mathematical trine, meaning great harmony. Work assignments will have legs and take you to more sophisticated projects.

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Health will improve. However, with Saturn opposition the Sun, Cancer needs to take care of themselves. Leo has such a nice year ahead. With Jupiter in the 5th house of love, you can meet the love of your life. If attached, you can adopt a baby or find a surrogate to carry your baby. With Jupiter in Sagittarius, a fellow fire sign, the sky is the limit for Leo. Virgo has been worried about their home life or taking care of a parent.

This year, it goes from black to white. You will get the greenlight to move to a large spacious residence within your price range. You will also receive family support.

capricorn march horoscope astrology zone Capricorn march horoscope astrology zone
capricorn march horoscope astrology zone Capricorn march horoscope astrology zone
capricorn march horoscope astrology zone Capricorn march horoscope astrology zone
capricorn march horoscope astrology zone Capricorn march horoscope astrology zone
capricorn march horoscope astrology zone Capricorn march horoscope astrology zone

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