Monster moon february 9 astrology

How prescient she was in 1995!

Even though it is located at a degree in late Aquarius, the Mars retrograde is still impactful for the US public. Democratic ideals are at stake. This new moon opposes Pluto quite exactly. The issues will be homeland security, borders, protectionism, state power. Uranus is creeping forward in early Taurus.

Full Moon in Taurus 12th November 2019

The earth is rumbling in a serious way — earthquakes and volcanic activity are up. Wildfires in England and again in Northern California. We are in tornado season and hurricane season. In addition to Uranus in Taurus having implications for the earth, it also affects our financial systems. But the big astrological events line up at the end of July. Mercury in Leo turns retrograde July July 27 has an exact opposition between Mars retrograde and the Sun. It is also the day of a full moon in Aquarius and total lunar eclipse—all squaring Uranus. I call this a trifecta of weirdness.

There is always an unexpected quality to Mars retrograde, but you add Mercury retrograde and Uranus to the mix and it is wild and crazy, dramatic, surprising.

July Astrology 12222

The full moon and eclipse intensify and illuminate everything. There are likely to be revelations and events that take us by surprise.

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There could be an unleashing of revolutionary fervor. There could be major environmental or climate-related events. And I hope I am totally wrong. I often recommend avoiding travel on new and full moons simply because so much more water gets pulled around the earth on lunations and weather can be terrible. This month, be careful and be prepared. The July 27 full moon is especially dicey. Mars retrograde moves into a square with Uranus for the entire last week of July and into August. Mercury is retrograde into August as well.

Lore of Astrology: Cancer Sun Sign 'Study Element' - Earthlore Explorations

Forget about doing what you thought you were going to do from July 26 til August 19 th. When I say go with the flow during this stretch, I mean it! On a positive note, Uranus brings change.

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There has been a lot of media attention lately about how atomized and polarized the US electorate is. Uranus is now in Taurus. More than anything Taurus and its ruling planet Venus have to do with values of relatedness. We are now questioning what it means to be in our little media bubbles and unable to relate to people with different opinions. Uranus in Taurus is stirring the pot about this question of relatedness and it will continue to be important, especially in the run-up to the midterm elections.

Keep in mind that Uranus begins to retrograde in August and will sneak back into the tail end of Aries in the fall, so there will be a lot of flip-flopping about this issue of polarization…. Of course, the backdrop to all of these questions about democracy, inclusion, and freedom is that the United States has begun its Pluto return.

Pluto in the sky is back in the seco nd house of the natal chart of the US, the house and sign it was in on July 4, for the first time in over years.

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It is time for transformation. The Pluto return is a multi-year process of exploring the core values of the US…. Are the core values freedom and democracy or enslavement and genocide? How does a nation that seeks to be democratic heal the core wounds of our history? How do we achieve democracy with an autocratic demagogue as president and a broken political system? Batten down the hatches! In many earth-based cultures, the solstice is time of fulfillment or culmination.

It is the turning of the wheel of the year. I know— solstice or no, it is hard to celebrate anything right now in light of the dramatically difficult events taking place in this world of ours. As I study the planetary combinations, I see that.

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Oh me oh my oh. There is a lot going on this month! And the summer will be dominated by Mars retrograde—more on that shortly. Uranus in Taurus is kicking up lots of action on the volcano and earthquake front, much as I expected. Remember that Uranus just entered Taurus on May Additionally there has been a very high level of seismic activity world- wide.

There are normally around earthquakes around the globe in any 24 hour period, many of them small and unremarkable For the past few weeks the daily earthquake tally is over and on many days over ! There are a hundred quakes a day near Mount Kilauea, most of them small, but last night brought one over 5. The Earth sure is rocking and rolling right now. Uranus in Taurus will be really triggered this summer by an angle to Mars retrograde, so I am expecting more of this.

Not only am I concerned about the Ring of Fire but there are also now quite a few daily earthquakes — not big ones, but — in the state of Washington. I do worry about the Cascadia fault line. June brings us many interesting things on the political front. His birthday chart indicates that he will be more thin-skinned and defensive than ever. Oh great. That is actually quite auspicious, good for new beginnings, and the transits are favorable for communication, believe it or not.

But—whatever gets agreed is likely to fall apart by late summer. Kim is a Capricorn undergoing a long Pluto transit, consolidating his power. Mars retro will have a significant effect on his chart. All the planets spend some time being retrograde. Since much of astrology has to do with what is observable from our point of view on this wee blue planet of ours, it is an art that is earth-centric and all about our perception. Mars represents a big swath of our daily expression and activity.

Despite being associated with war and masculine aggression, Mars is a complex symbol and means much more than that. Mars is our will, volition, our energy of action. As Erin Sullivan writes, Mars is the ambassador of the Sun—as such it represents our solar energy out in the world.

New Moon Meaning

The Sun is how we are and who we are on a fundamental level, and Mars is what we do. Mars acts for us in the sphere of doing anything, from getting out of bed, to working, to setting goals, for moving ourselves forward with plans and activities. Societies get built through the energy of Mars.

monster moon february 9 astrology Monster moon february 9 astrology
monster moon february 9 astrology Monster moon february 9 astrology
monster moon february 9 astrology Monster moon february 9 astrology
monster moon february 9 astrology Monster moon february 9 astrology
monster moon february 9 astrology Monster moon february 9 astrology

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