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January 28th, (Tuesday): Birthday, Zodiac & Weekday

Since then computers and cell phones have proliferated as our lives are increasing stored and accessed digitally. The way people used to walk around carrying their cigarette packs, we walk around with our cell phones, ipads, ipods, droids, crack berries and music devices. So lets look back years ago to when Neptune last entered Aquarius. Over the next week, we will wrap up our Neptune dream stories from as people from these years seek to connect and get in contact with us.

We have Mercury stationing to go retrograde until April 23rd. So stay flexible and nimble. Pay attention. Flexible and Nimble. During weeks like the week ahead we need to focus on the vision of where we want to go.

We ARE important. We ARE needed.

Saturn in Capricorn , , | Jessica Adams

We have our role as a human being. How can you help? How can you love? How can you be compassionate?

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No slacker, she gets more accomplished in a morning than most folks do in a month. One day, while flying on a very turbulent, small airplane, her desire to take action struck. She got out her felt tip sharpie and started writing her social security number on her various body parts as the plane tossed and turned in the heavens. The man next to her, noticed her writing on her various limbs and asked WHAT she was doing.

Our week ahead features a few choices: 1 Complete clarity about what you need to do; 2 so Overwhelmed where you may feel you need to write your social security number on your body parts; 3 Protect yourself from danger.

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  6. Do take action if you have to; and 4 Wait and see until you get more clarity. IF you have some crazy or violent person in your life who has been threatening you, an order of protection, or are in a relationship that features violence or anger, this is the week to run for the hills. Run out the back door if you see them coming in the front door. Avoid arguments. LEAVE for your physical safety.

    The planet of war and violence is joining with the planet of sudden and out of control actions. Call the police.

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    Tell your employer so THEY call the police if your ex or arguing controlling crazy comes to your place of employment. You can get flooded with too much information to process and shut down emotionally, leading to bad choices. Defer the decision until you are clearer.

    Similar to shock after an accident, you are mobile but not able to hook on to reality. So sit by the side of the road and wait until you are clearer. You will be clearer after the New Moon on April 3. No parachute. She had to ride it out. This is the bring chicken soup to a sick friend. Bake a casserole for the gathering after the funeral. You have to wait it out but you need to DO something.

    So do what you can. Do what you can, including writing your social security number on your body parts. It IS oddly comforting…. And, hopefully, it will be 1 complete clarity about what you need to do. These aspects are exceptionally clarifying. Maybe TOO much clarity, but clarity is clarity.

    So thank it for sharing with you and take its advice to heart. A new 20 year cycle began then. Now you are at the halfway mark, being asked to make corrections or adjustments as needed. The two society relationship planets are standing across the sky from each other, looking at you and asking you to choose. Choose wisely. Mars square the Nodes of fate on the world axis asks us to make a choice on Tuesday. Again choose for the growth. Go for the big picture, not the gossipy blame part. Take action, even if it means writing your social security number on your left thigh.

    The world stands still and watches. Neptune and Jupiter are semi square so back to May, July and December to see the cycle that started THEN wants you to adjust and shift the air vision into some new form of passion. Mars into Aries finishes a two year cycle that started in April Of MORE interest is his first union with Uranus on the world axis Sunday which brings all of us into the story as witnesses or players. Focus on your vision and what you can accomplish. No side visions or distractions. No fighting if you can help it. Focus on your vision. Vesta squares Apollon asking you to expand and take action on your vision of what is home and hearth for you.

    Venus joins with Uranus by parallel so unexpected emotions or desires can pop out of nowhere, suddenly and startle you. Sun squares Pluto so you have a sense of limitation about exactly what is possible as well as a vision of how it can or might change if you push for it.

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    Is there really anything you can do about it? Mars squares the Nodes of Destiny on the world axis. Choices made today are critical and life altering. Give yourself permission to envision or plan for your next dream or chapter of where you want to go. Hard workers want to retire.

    Career people want relationships. Relationship people want careers. Everyone wants something that is meaningful to THEM. And the meaningful things seem to be changing. So give yourself permission to change what is meaningful to you and plan for that new vision. Venus joins with Chiron asking us to examine old wounds around our desires and look at them with fresh, and unwounded eyes.

    And now, at your ripe old age in , you find yourself longing to be taken care of.

    Love our content, but keep missing the latest?

    That is exactly where you are supposed to be. Can you relax INTO a new version of your story? Can you embrace a new understanding or integration of who you are?

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    That is the question the planets are asking us to consider. Relax into a new version of your life. Plan what it can be. Much of this time is spent sweeping the floor while gazing out of the window hoping to be rescued by a handsome prince. You could use this period to get fit, set times to go down the gym and change your diet. Mars retrograde is in your home sector which makes it powerful and angular for you. Not only that, but it will trigger by square the big three planets in Capricorn during its journey. This absolutely helps you tie up all the loose ends of the year. Mars erm..

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    Mars even in retrograde gets things done and takes brave action, it just takes a more strategic path rather than the usual impulsive reaction. The blitz of planets in Capricorn is over for your specific decan now, so you can just enjoy the end of the Jupiter conjunction. However, you will still feel the general weight of the Capricorn stellium only now in a subtle, more supportive way, especially if you are reading this for your ascendant.

    You should take care of your mother during this period.

    aquarius horoscope march 2020 diana garland Aquarius horoscope march 2020 diana garland
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