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So with June gone we are looking into the hot long summer. Yesterday we took our grandchildren to the Safari. It was great, but God! Why is it so hot? If it was ONLY hot! You see, the Sun fire is in Cancer water so together they make a steem. The Sun is not yet in Cancer, but we already feel it. Market wise Sun in Cancer behaves differently for each index. Good for longs. But again, we don't trade statistics, and don't rely on one planet; ever.

On June 14 the Moon was conjunct Mercury, today they are in square. The Sun moved 7 degrees- Just ingressed Cancer.

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On June 14th we gained 2. Let's see if we'll have a deja vu? Cancer is a fixed sign, so I don't think so.. But, it should still go above 3. Fundamentally, it is all about more demands by the US for taxes from China. In any case, I would use as stop for short. Let's see what's new in the sky?

The Optimal Use of Astrology Software

The Moon is at 11 Virgo, in sextile to Mercury, which is in Cancer. Venus is at 6 Leo, conjunct the North Node- Venus represents forex, , so any bad aspect to it, should move this area. Venus is in opposition Mars, which is conjunct the South Node, a bad position! Neptune is stationary, turning retro!

Astrology exit points

Be very careful today, and the whole week, not so sympathetic planetary positions! Surely, to know where would these positions affect you, I would need your time and place of birth. In the former article, on June 2nd, I wrote about the problems in Jordan. There were riots because of new taxes, the PM was changed by the King, and now I read, that the Saudis come to bail out Jordan. I see this as a sweet trap, How do you say it? Jordan is a poor country, they don't export much.

They do export working power to the Gulf countries, many jordanians work there. So this loan was granted for 5 years, till ; now, the saudis gave half. There is a proverb by Voltaire: "may God defend me from my friends, from my enemies, I'll defend myself. Watch your stops! Have you seen what that speech caused?

Kundli Matching

Now we will have to wait till they get back into the "right" track. But, if you read my post in the morning, this was no surprize. GOLD: what is happening there?

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People are waiting for rallies, and I am writing for weeks now, that no, it will not. I mean, you can make a 10 dollar gain, in the intraday trade, but is that worth your money?

On the other hand, if you followed the app- you gained in short 6. Download the app. The joke in my home is that if the house caught fire and the family and pets escaped, what would I grab next? Well it would be the iPad with Astro Gold.

I can see myself casting the chart whilst sitting under a blanket watching the firemen do their thing. In the end buying astrology software is a personal choice. Astrolabe — distributors of Solar Fire in North America. Esoteric Technologies — developers of Solar Fire. Diameter at equator : By consulting a psychic, you'll be making a strategic move that will set you on the right path and save you time, disappointment, and heartache, while helping you find your soul mate.

Signs to learn from: taurus, cancer. But there's another explanation too, since the assertive, aggressive and adventurous mars is exalted in capricorn.

Kundli / Birth Chart

She's known to skip topics without warning, and gets bored if bogged down in any one thing. Depending on the moment, venus in scorpio will shoot you one. Both are highly intelligent, but it's hardly love at first sight. They found the sneakers, along with various illegal drugs and 76 photos of kraft enjoying sex with various men.

While located in the mayic world man must live peacefully. This rooster is hardworking and responsible worker. However, they are both are domineering which could astrology enchanted forest to trouble if the leo tries to relegate the sagittarius to the side. Excesses lead to compulsive behavior. Cancer wants aquarius to stay, but soon aquarius is inclined to wander away. The astrology software prophet in compressed zip format.

gemini gold astrology software price Gemini gold astrology software price
gemini gold astrology software price Gemini gold astrology software price
gemini gold astrology software price Gemini gold astrology software price
gemini gold astrology software price Gemini gold astrology software price
gemini gold astrology software price Gemini gold astrology software price

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