Draconic astrology gemini sun

Draconic Astrology: Getting in Touch with Our Deeper Self

Click Chart, Locality.

Soul Mates and Blood Links

Enter the original place and timezone data and click OK. The correct progressed pattern is now in your chart list as a 'natal' chart, based on the actual ephemeris date and time which is always useful information to have and can be manipulated to your heart's content. This is not the complete answer for X-charts, however. You can certainly do this same tweak with the directed chart, and come up with a working radix with all the planets in the right positions - but not the angles.

You have to calculate the dwads yourself and add these to the chart manually, using an editing program such as Photoshop Elements.

Draconic Astrology: Getting in Touch with Our Deeper Self

The only way to create a full radix draconic exchange chart is to re-imagine it as a type of sidereal. There is a facility in Solar Fire for generating a custom sidereal chart, and this is accessed through the Preferences menu. Here is the process you need to follow it requires some patience till you get used to it!

Call the result R. The required X-chart appears in the chart list. Click Preferences, then Edit Settings, and then the Zodiac tab.

Draconic Astrology

Select in your chart list the natal chart whose node is to be changed to the partner's node to create the X-chart. Open the chart and close it again to make sure you are working with this and not an earlier selection. Click Chart, then Edit, then Copy and Edit. In the chart data entry page that apears, click Zodiac, then in the drop-down list SVP Click OK. A custom sidereal chart for the chosen person will appear in your chart list.

Holding down Ctrl, select this chart and the X-chart and open them side-by-side as Dual Wheels. They should be almost but not quite identical. Adjust result R by this difference, and using the new figure, The custom sidereal should now be identical to the X-chart made with User Arc. You have your radix draconic exchange chart. NOW you can follow the process of converting the radix X-chart to its dwad.

Present the X-chart and its dwad in a bi-wheel and prepare to be amazed. Because now we are looking at Diana again, with an extra level of information. At the centre of the biwheel is the X-chart based on Charles's NNode, surrounded by the planets, nodes and angles of its dwad. Outstanding is the activity of the nodal axes and Ceres.

With the Nodes symbolic of the soul's progress and Ceres the newly promoted planet of the Mother often separated or bereaved , to find the dwad NNode with radix Ceres, dwad Ceres with the radix Sun and the dwad Sun with the radix NNode is perfectly descriptive of a karmic union whose over-riding objective was to produce children, heirs to the throne. And there too, in the dwad, is the sad, compliant conjunction, in Virgo, of Moon and Saturn.

Compare this to the radix and dwad of her own draconic:. Radix Jupiter is on the dwad descendant promising a wealthy marriage, but the dwad Moon-Saturn 'rises' in Cancer, and at the dwad IC is radix Saturn. Poor little rich girl! It is her tropical and its dwad that foretells the enormous fame that came to Diana Princess of Wales through her troubled life: there is a double Sun-MC conjunction and the radix Sun, conjoining the dwad NNode, is also on the dwad ascendant, opposite its 10th-degree Capricorn marriage cusp.

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It was her wedding to the future King of England that brought this initially shy beauty with her dwad Sun in Libra to unparalleled global stardom. The Tropical has shown us who she knew she was as an individual. The Draconic has shown us what she was committed to karmically as a growing soul. The X-chart has shown us the path she was bound to tread as the wife of the Prince of Wales.

And what then of Charles? Adding the dwad to his X-chart from Diana's NNode is again revealing: as you would expect, Ceres is very much in evidence, her dwad near the radix MC, and radix Ceres with Pluto conjunct the dwad Sun. The union has brought him a mother for his sons.

But his radix X-chart Sun is beset by an opposition of Moon in passionate, popular Sagittarius again and Saturn; the competitive strains in this relationship weigh heavily on him. No wonder he turned back to his old flame for light relief. Charles was born with Neptune at the IC; this is tantamount to building your castles upon sand, and I have often seen this pattern come up in cases of divorce, probably as the outcome of unrealistic expectations, broken dreams, the need to escape a bond that has become a prison.


Being in harmonious surroundings, whether physical or emotional, is vital to her emotional well-being. Maintaining his youthful vitality is a huge part of his emotional well-being. In order to maintain her full emotional well-being, she must be able to utilize both her head and her heart in all of her interactions. Being admired, respected and acknowledged for her creations is a crucial part of her emotional well-being.

This purity of the soul is a very important aspect of her emotional well-being.

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Social interaction with her fellow humans is a crucial aspect of her emotional well-being. Beneath the darkness is more darkness. The True Moon Nodes have been used in this study.

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William's Dr. MOON Uranus PLUTO Phillip's Dr. SUN IC MC ASC All are opposition Elizabeth's N. Charles' natal ASC 5. Charles Dr. ASC 0. These are square Elizabeth's Dr. Diana's Dr. As mentioned above Charles Dr. MOON is opposition at Elizabeth's Dr. Jupiter 2. Jupiter 3. Elizabeth's natal MC Jupiter Mars AS His Dr. Mercury Pluto The interpretation of these links is fairly straightforward and the reader will have their own ideas as to the messages conveyed.

Positive emotional potential Dr. Moons between Charles and his sons, was unsettled and awakened to new expressions through Diana's erratic behaviour Dr.

draconic astrology gemini sun Draconic astrology gemini sun
draconic astrology gemini sun Draconic astrology gemini sun
draconic astrology gemini sun Draconic astrology gemini sun
draconic astrology gemini sun Draconic astrology gemini sun
draconic astrology gemini sun Draconic astrology gemini sun

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