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Moving ahead, sometimes Ketu can become weak in a horoscope due to its placement in its sign of debilitation or in another sign which is not friendly towards it, due to affliction from one or more than one malefic planet in the horoscope, due to weak placement in some specific houses of the horoscope and various other factors.

When Ketu becomes weak in a horoscope, it may not be fully capable of protecting its general as well as specific significances and hence the native may see bad results or decreased number of good results related to the significances of Ketu.

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If such weak Ketu is working as a benefic planet in a horoscope, some extra strength must be provided to such weak Ketu so that it may start working properly in the horoscope and it may protect its significances. This may result in good things happening to the native in various spheres of his life with increased frequency and increased quantum. This gemstone captures the energy of Ketu from its upper surface and it transfers this energy into the body of the native who wears it.

This increase in strength of Ketu affects two major energy equations in the horoscope of the native. The first energy equation is that of the house in which Ketu is placed in the horoscope of the native and the second energy equation is the net energy equation of his horoscope.

Benefits of wearing cat’s eye gemstone:

Looking at the first energy equation, the house in which Ketu is placed witnesses more energy due to which, the results produced by Ketu by virtue of its placement in this house may increase in number as well as in quantum. This theory has been discussed in details in the previous chapter and interested readers may read it from there.

This stone is found to possess healing properties and is also used in the treatment of cancer. Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty.

Ketu Mahadasha

Astrological Factors Weak Ketu is usually found in difficult houses, such as the eighth house. Protects From Evil-Eye: As already mentioned before, wearing this gemstone protects the wearer from evil.

Professions that can be benefited by wearing cat’s-eye

Ensures Good Luck Known as a gemstone for those who love to take risks, this gemstone can yield great results to those who indulge in gamble or participate in speculative activities, as it is said that this gemstone can bring loads of good luck. Premium WordPress Themes Download.

Download WordPress Themes Free. Related Articles. January 19, March 23, 4. June 23, August 21, Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Check Also Close. It is very helpful for persons having diseases or problems genetically.

Ratna Jyoti: Benefits of Chrysoberyl Cats Eye-Vaidurjamoni

Again it helps to cure paralysis, cancer, asthma, fainting fits skin diseases, mental worries, insanity etc. Those involved in cinema, acting, producing films, studio, business, painting, dance, music, sculpture, astrology, psychology will have substantial gains in their respective works.

It is very important for people under the mahadasha of ketu to wear this stone as ketu if poisted in rashis of Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Capricorn, Libra and Aquarius can give very distrustful results in its mahadasha. It should be studded in in gold and worn in the middle finger of right hand on Sunday , two hours before sunrise. Its weight normally varies from four to seven ratti.

Remedies through gem therapy: Blue Sapphire [Neelam] Blue sapphire [ neelam ]- neelam or blue sapphire is the gem of Saturn that is worn to remove the evil effects of Saturn. Saturn, a hard task master is either benefic Remedies through gem therapy: Diamond [Heera] Diamond [ heera ]- diamond is the stone to improve traits of Venus. It is a hot gem.

Cat’s Eye Gemstone

Remedies through gem therapy: Green Emerald [panna] Green emerald panna - this planet is significator of intellect, speech, memory, short travels, wisdom, intuitive power. It makes one scholar, searcher of mysticism Remedies through gem therapy: Gomed [hessonite] Gomed [ hessonite ]- Rahu is again recognized as shadow planet as it does not have physical body and it is also always in retrograde position.


Remedies through gem therapy: Pearl [moti] Pearl [moti] — it is a cold gem and it is the stone to enhance the powers of moon which in turns signifies mother, softness, generosity, charming eyes, steady mind, menses, infants, love, Remedies through gem therapy: Ruby Ruby [ manik ]- it is a hot gem. Remedies through gem therapy: Yellow Sapphire Yellow sapphire or topaz for malefic or weak Jupiter.

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Jupiter in birth chart indicates extent to which one would have wealth, success, honor, fortune glory and meritious action.

ketu stone astrology Ketu stone astrology
ketu stone astrology Ketu stone astrology
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ketu stone astrology Ketu stone astrology
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