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People born on January 27 have a wide social circle that reflects their friendliness. They don't give their trust to everyone, and those who qualify may find themselves ignored or sharply criticized at some point. They have a taste for exotic romance and may have trouble being faithful.

Their hearts are true, but their spirits wander. Liberal and independent-minded as they are, January 27 people are willing to allow their children a chance to make up their own minds. They encourage rebellion. People born on January 27 are sometimes careless about health, feeling invulnerable to illness or injury. They dislike anything too firmly regimented and have problems committing to an exercise program. Diet can be another source of friction. Your problem is that you think so big that there are like lots of big gaps in your plan.

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You never get around to doing that. You just focus on big dreams and hopes throughout your life and end up accomplishing only a tiny fraction of what you set out for.

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Lovers born on the 27 th of January are considered to be fickle. Like it or not, we live in a world that is imperfect. We screw up all the time. Stop kicking the can down the road as far as romantic relationships and commitments go because there will be no such thing as an ideal or perfect romantic partner.

Those with a birthday on January 27 would be best suited for jobs involving ideas and theories. In other words, a career and academia and institutions of higher learning fit you like a glove, seriously. You think in terms of theories.

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You think, feel, and visualize all sorts of amazing possibilities. Well, be that as it may, this is what you excel at.

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That stuff is too boring or otherwise too scary for you. You can make a great career talking about a theory. You never know, some of the stuff that you are kicking around in your head currently may actually become a reality long in the future.

January 27 Birthday horoscope - zodiac sign for January 27th

You tend to have a very wide view of things. Now, this is not a negative thing. By being able to have a big picture view of life, you would be able to see how things fit and how things progress. Otherwise, you might end up starting a lot of projects and finishing very little of them. Your organizational skills and natural communicative abilities would be an asset if you are in business or practicing law.

Being very independent, however, you may wish to freelance and work for yourself.

Your understanding of human nature can be helpful in careers such as counseling or medicine. A desire to express your creativity and individuality could lead you to the arts, the theater, and particularly music. The number 27 birthdate indicates that you are idealistic and sensitive. Intuitive and analytical, with a fertile and creative mind, you can impress others with your original thoughts.

Although at times you appear secretive, rational, or detached, in fact, you may be hiding inner tensions. In developing good communication skills, you can overcome a reluctance to express your deeper feelings.

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Education is essential for number 27 persons, and by developing depth of thought you become more patient and self-disciplined. The subinfluence of the number 1 month indicates that you are gifted and imaginative, with strong instincts or psychic abilities. As an independent thinker, you are autonomous and assertive, with a broad-minded perspective. Full of enthusiasm and original ideas, you have a progressive outlook, suggesting that you often show others the way forward. Although idealistic, you are a serious and hardworking individual and like to put your thoughts to practical use.

Innovative and courageous, you do not hesitate to speak your mind on issues close to your heart or to experiment with different concepts. Usually you make up your own mind. Humanitarian and progressive, you have a need for people, suggesting that love and relationships are especially important to you. You are emotionally honest and intelligent, and others admire your abilities and rational outlook. With a need for stability and emotional security, you may feel that having a family and a strong foundation in life is a significant part of your overall plan. With your strong emotions, you can be devoted, loyal, and caring, but may also have to watch out for occasionally becoming domineering.

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