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I find him readings to be perfect. They always work out right. I approached him through a friend, regarding business consultations. His remedies are mostly sacred rituals. Best thing about him is that he tells everything honestly and talks about facts. The prices are sligtly above average, but worth spending. Highly valuable readings and suggestions More Yes, they are really Marvelous, I was going through the most depressed stage in my love relationship, my boyfriend actually stopped talking to me and he was parting ways for no valuable reason.

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You do know that feeling. That literally was killing me every day, I underwent a lot of counselling and seminars for about a month wasted a lot of my money had no answer or peace in my heart neither my boyfriend came back to me. That is when Vinayak Bhatt ji the remarkable astrologer in association with VedicGrace Foundation promised me you will get your love back in 10 days. I am so grateful to him as he was the one who pulled me out of the depression. And Trust me I got my love back just in exactly 10 days I myself was shocked.

I highly recommend VedicGrace foundation and Vinayak Bhatt ji as he understands every individual and analyses their personality and gives treatment both mentally and astrologically. I could say he is my saviour, my Guide for life, my healer and my mirror I can talk to about any problem in my life.

I can assure you the power invokes in us is beyond all the remedies we perform. I am slowly building my relation back with my boyfriend. And the best thing about VedicGrace Foundation and Vinayak ji that they never suggest me any unethical way to solve any issue in my life. Today I can proudly say VedicGrace Foundation is my protecting shield. Kindly, who so ever needs or wants to lead a happy life please do contact VedicGrace Foundation?

Thank you, VedicGrace Foundation for brightening up lives of millions of people. I have to thank VedicGrace Foundation for providing exclusive services like Gemstone Consultation as the remedy for negativity in my life. In addition to being exquisitely beautiful, they are very powerful in their immediate transformative effect. Thank you for sending me the astrology cosmic report within a week, as promised. VedicGrace Foundation. I am very pleased with the quality of the report- the analysis is clear, well-explained and it offers me bright hopes for the future. The suggested remedies are also double and practical.

I must let you know that VedicGrace Foundation is unreservedly the best, both in terms of pricing and quality of service. Thanks and regards. I was curious to know about it more. VedicGrace Foundation is a Professional Astrological services provider of today's time. Logic on every aspect is not only true at its own place but very appealing. Continuously updated knowledge, Self-discipline, Perseverance, Customer Focus and Value added explanations are most imminent features of his guidance. I consulted them regarding my financial problems and financial prospects predictions got the best remedies and accurate predictions.

Very grateful from the bottom of my heart.

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Hi All, I had a discussion last December regarding the marriage of my Sister. Her marriage was delaying and those grooms who initially said okay for the marriage and eventually drop the idea of marriage with my sister. My sister had faced an emotional trauma every time she got rejected. I consulted VedicGrace Foundation. After following the remedies suggested by them, we found the perfect match. As predicted the marriage was fixed by end of March and groom will be from the northeast side.

Everything happened exactly as they said.

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  5. Thanks a lot for your help VedicGrace. Firstly, I would like to thank VedicGrace Foundation. I had consulted with them in the month of January, and their predictions were absolutely correct. I was in India for a vacation and due to delay in visa, which was kept on hold but then I had to go back and join my company back there.

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    Recently I have consulted with VedicGrace regarding my career query as I was facing difficulty in finding a well-paid job. Am now very happy and secured my dream job with a very good package. So grateful to VedicGrace foundation. Words cannot express my gratitude to the renowned astrologer Vinayak Bhatt and his services.

    Let me tell you this am sure you will not be disappointed. You will find an enormous sense of peace. As a person who absorbs others emotions and has a strong sense of intuition, I found Vinayak Bhatt to be a very honest and true person in his work - you can tell he does what he does for the higher for the well-being of humanity. He has obviously spent many years, since childhood, perfecting his skills, so that he is able to channel into many different frequencies of positive energy.

    At the end of the session, you can almost feel the positive vibes within the room as if it is palpable. I realized for myself, that when I didn't try to control my path, rather just let it happen, the positive things Vinayak Bhatt had shared with me began to unfold for me in a natural progression! Thank you Vinayak Bhatt ji! I met him long time back in delhi.. I believe that remedies which I'm planning to follow will be beneficial for me. Really fruitful Great astrologer Most important thing He is very helpful Spontaneous for me Awesome, outstanding, mind blowing.

    This was my first time consulting an astrologer, I would definitely consult Vinayak Bhatt Ji again in future and recommend to people around me. Must Recommend him for Best Astrologer in Mumbai. Thumbs Up for Mr. Vinayak Bhatt Ji.

    Vinayak Bhat Galimane

    He is not just a Best Astrologer but a great counsellor as well. His predictions are true and accurate, and he has the right blend of knowledge and great communication skills with the customers. He gives you comfort, to ask all your queries. I would just say Right choice in absolute minimal budget.

    The predictions are very effective and successful for me. I am not able to concentrate my study. Vinayak Bhatt ji give me some effective remedy and give me solution. Thanks for solutions 'Sir'. I must say he is Most Accurate Astrologer in Mumbai.

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