Astrology personality types chart

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I'm no scientist but I wonder if there is something to the seasonal births having effects - going to school, different grades, different ages, different locations Also crossed my mind that sometime in youth, say some friends or family call you by your supposed sun sign and they might have some unconscious belief or behavior or treat you in the way they think of your sign, so that gets tucked away in the mind - this sort of merry-go-round gets going where you notice things you do that correspond with what is said about your sign, while not noticing so much that you may behave or feel in ways a lot more often that do not correlate to what your sign is supposed to be.

Not really. But those Pisces have something fishy going on.

Couple years ago I was watching a show about the stars and how long it takes for their light to get to us - and I couldn't help think: okay it takes a loooonnnng time for that light to reach us, but it does reach us - and light can definitely influence - winter months: little light. Say: birthday parties might be far less likely to be held outside in February than say, August. About 10 or 12 of those It is an impossibility to find exceptions to some of these rules.

I have used astrology for 26 years and it is very helpful.

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It is a rather complex science and it is a science that uses facts and lends itself best to someone who has a strong accurate intuition. People who don't accept astrology come from a paradigm where they don't consider that everything is energy Einstein Those of us who belief in astrology know that the planetary bodies emanate energy that effects us, events, circumstances, etc.

Star Sign Dates & Traits

Astrology is extremely accurate. It is available to help us master ourselves and our circumstances. I have heard it say that an astrology consultation can replace months of therapy: because a "good" astrologer can very easily define someone's personality make-up and weaknesses.

It is a science that has to be used with great wisdom and balance. The solution is always the middle way. Astrology deals with potential, as potential deals with energy, and no substantial energy mass exists within a vacuum. Astrology was founded upon the ecliptic Zodiac and the path the Sun apparently follows from a geocentric perspective an imaginary circle, astronomically. Whether or not the planets or any other celestial exert forces upon us that validates astrology, none can say in certainty.

However, the positions of the planets as well as other astrological factors even the mathematically-derived, such as the Ascendant or Midheaven, et al , there's a definite correlation between the positions and placements at any given time and event. Consider it likened to a celestial ruler, for certain.

As far as cause and effect applies, just because we can't understand let alone prove causation between astrology and the mundane Earth events, doesn't mean validity doesn't exist or doesn't possibly work. Astrology truly is both a science, in its unique right as a body of knowledge, and definitely an art- an art of intepretation. Synthesis is required with astrology, and it can be quite complex. Once studied, experienced,and put to practice, one can begin to understand how useful astrology can be in many areas of life, not being hemmed in by black and white facts that require explanation in how something works.

Life really isn't capable of being measured as in a laboratory; besides, what works fine in a laboratoty setting generally tends to work far less reliably in the real, outside world, if at all. Sorry, I can't really tell if this is satire we need to get on that sark mark thing or not but I am interested in the "studies" that where mentioned.

I find it amazing that people who criticize on astrology, have no given knowledge on it. Our personalities are not determined by the location of the stars, it's determined by the location of the planets. The stars are used as constellations. Gemini constellation, Leo constellation. When you were born the planets were situated in the sky. In other words the orbit of each planets create a zodiac belt, which is divided into 12 sections. That is why we have 12 zodiac signs, so if you were born June 4th for instance, the sun was in the constellation Gemini.

So before you try to criticize, know your facts. Have you ever heard of spellcheck? Whenever I read an article especially in a creditable journal like PT that has multiple spelling mistakes, it's hard for me to take what the author is saying seriously. If you cared about what you were writing, you'd have probably proof-read it.

Nitpicking aside, I agree that the movements of the planets and stars maaaaybe with the exception of the moon and sun have little or no effect on people's behavior or personalities. I do, however, think there is enough supporting evidence to suggest that the time of year that a person is born can directly effect their base personality, as well as their behavior from year to year. For example, both of my parents were born in mid-winter, and both of them are very conservative and cautious people, especially when it comes to finances, resources, and predicting the thoughts of others.

My mother Dec. Sagittarius , in particular, has actually been diagnosed with depression and mild bipolar symptoms, and my father Jan. Aquarius has always exhibited signs of extreme, bipolar-like mood swings. Both my grandmothers were depressive-bipolar, but one was born in winter and one in spring. The dyslexia was inherited from my maternal grandfather, though I'm not sure when his birthday was.

Either way, I think all those little coincidences are very interesting from a statistical standpoint, and that there could definitely be something rooted in factual patterns behind astrology. Perhaps they dismissed the value of the piece to the degree of not even scanning through it? I can consider it, to some degree, for the personality attributes- but not the 'controlling destiny' aspect. Just a couple random thoughts from someone who woke up in the night to get s glass of water..

Please hire a great editor for your online content. Poorly written and grammatically incorrect articles make me doubt how much time was put into your research. There is a site with photographs grouped by the sun, moon and ascendant signs of the astrological chart called "Astrofaces". People send their photos. It seems interesting. It's stuff happening her on earth that is the culprit.

You have an incredibly limited understanding of astrology The preceding statement does in fact support astrology but you would have to understand the phenomenon to see it. And hopefully everyone is aware that there are, at the very least, two giant celestial bodies in our solar system that have a significant influence of life on earth, which could possibly mean the leap of faith to other celestial bodies having similar effects on earth events is not really that far a leap.

I find it very amusing to think that many people think that science has disproven astrology. This is a falacy and in no way even begins to be true. There have been some rather ludicrous studies that pretend by being designed to fail. If you want to know what a real scientist would do to find out what is up with astrology. Please look at his website as it has real science and not silly studies about women looking for a man and havin ludicrous conclusions meant to make the reasearcher look good.

How inappropriate! Now please let us know more details on it. Such as the scientific! Small modification "they're not" instead of they aren't. You have quite a few typos, no offense.

Also, I am supposedly bipolar and born on March 2nd. I too have penchant for novelty-seeking behavior and am male, which is surprising; though, that could be attributed to my so-called "mania. I read a lot, of studies. I've never seen any of these studies, furthermore many studies are needed to show a connection. Where are the links to these studies?

Who conducted them? When where?

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Please rewrite your article with proper links and citations. May I please be provided with the links to your sources? I'd like to get to know more on this subject : Thank you very much. There are two things out-side and inside, spiritual and materialistic, odd and even etc, Science happens to be in the materialistic side as it needs evidence of materialistic value and we are trying to compare or justify other the spiritual with it.

Mercury in Leo (in the Birth Chart)

I think the comparison basis is wrong. I have heard many prediction and most of them have come true, One was, I will get angry with the family and will never return after marriage, which was funny to me as I was just 8 or 9 year old when this was said, I even forgot it, late at 33 year it so happened many things changed i left the home angry and never went back I am 50 year old now, still have not gone back home, even if l like to.

Now what scientific proof can be given for this , nothing except my recorded experience, which cannot be easily repeated. Out of curiosity, I learned astrology for over 5 years and found solution of most of the issues myself and have been a source to confidence and guidance to many,. One recent issue, I got a chart of person who was declared brain dead and reputed hospital asked the family to take patient back, some of the people whom I studied gathered and analyzed the chart, we had different opinion, but finally we all said, keep him there for 4 more days, the chart is promising recovery but he will not be the same person rest of the life.

Zodiac Signs Personality Types: Positive Traits Earth Signs

The lady agree and requested the hospital to keep him for few more days, the hospital agreed, we as anyone were waiting for the good news, on the 5 day, she called up and said he has recovered and will be discharged in two days, but he is not the same person he has difficulty in coordinating things, this happened couple of months back. I've studied astrology for 30 years now.

Science Confirms Astrology! | Psychology Today

When I meet a Gemini male in particular, I don't even bother to try and get them to understand that there really is something real going on with astrology. I feel sorry for them on that account as they are missing out on a whole world of helpful and useful knowledge. You'll soon see how the planets influence you on a daily basis.

It's as simple as that. Your loss if you don't, astrology is the most amazing and enlightening subject I ever came across, science included.

Birthday Astrology

That's a bit harsh on the Gemini, Starlove. I myself am a Gemini Sun and have a deep appreciation for Astrology. Furthermore, an Aries conjunction of the moon, Venus and Eris in the eighth house is also present. Yes I am analytical, but that doesn't stop me from testing the waters with an idea that is statistically accurate, but not currently explainable. Although it gnaws at me to find an explanation, I still believe in it's validity based on the results of numerous case studies.

Given the right Gemini, they are capable of in-depth analysis into something without apparent scientific grounding.

astrology personality types chart Astrology personality types chart
astrology personality types chart Astrology personality types chart
astrology personality types chart Astrology personality types chart
astrology personality types chart Astrology personality types chart
astrology personality types chart Astrology personality types chart
astrology personality types chart Astrology personality types chart

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