January 27 2020 harvest moon astrology

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Air sign Libra rules the 7th house of marriage and partnership, making this an ideal lunar cycle to focus on relationships. The new Moon, Sun, Mercury, and Venus are all in Libra bringing opportunities for balance and harmony with everyone. Venus sextiles Jupiter in Sagittarius to lighten up, enjoy life, and be social. New friendships or a romance that begin during this month are fortunate in the long run, and bring out the best in both parties. Benefits can come through friends, with many occasions to give as well as receive.

Libra is ruled by September 13 is a full Moon in Pisces. Water sign Pisces rules the 12th house of spirituality and intuition. The full Moon conjuncts Neptune for deep insights and stronger empathy. The two week waning Moon cycle is an ideal time to release emotional baggage of the past, especially in relationships. Very helpful is that Mercury and Venus enter Libra on September Libra love of harmony and peace brings focus to intimate relationships to find balance, with less Earth sign Virgo rules the sixth house of health, work, and service.

They all trine Uranus in Taurus that is extremely fortunate!

Moon Phases for Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA in 12222

Five Uranus trines can shake things up and bring radical change, sudden luck, and great opportunities. The new ideas and inspiration of Uranus can be made real in Earth signs Virgo and Taurus. Shadows are lengthening and daylight hours are growing shorter. The power of darkness is encroaching, but this new moon's got a spark of inner light.

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The new moon of Oct 27, exact at pm PT falls in the Hindu festival of lights - Diwali - the celebration of the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, and hope over despair. Starting Oct 25, Diwali's a five day festival when family and friends come together, homes are cleaned and freshly painted, and lamps called diyas light up the night. This is a time to set intentions for increased health, wealth and happiness in your life and the lives of those you love.

The new moon falls in the area of the sky called Swati nakshatra , star of self-actualization. Swati is symbolized by a young sprout blowing in the wind and holds a tenacious power to thrive in times of instability. There's a flexible and unbreakable spirit within Swati that grows stronger against incredible odds.

The planet of hope and idealism enters high-minded Sagittarius, its Mulatrikona sign and luckiest position in the Zodiac. In Vedic astrology, Jupiter is called "guru," as it teaches spiritual truth and compassion. But take heed, the days surrounding this planetary transit could be turbulent and surprising. Learn more about how the auspicious transit of Jupiter into Sagittarius will affect you.

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The heavy influence of Saturn with the tail of the shadow snake, Ketu , in a formation called Kala Sarpa Yoga Serpent of Time continues to accelerate karmic cleansing and transformation on a global level. Issues of climate change, political corruption, and general uncertainty have been growing, as outdated systems fall away.

Moon Phases – Lunar Calendar for Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

A sense of hopelessness can go hand in hand with intense astrological weather, so take advantage of this auspicious new moon. In dark times, the power of light grows, just as candlelight seems to brighten when the lights go out. The new moon of Diwali glows with an inner light of hope, determination, and gratitude.

To learn more about how these influences affect you, book a Vedic Astrology Reading. Louis Dyer. On Oct 13, the earth will be showered with divinely blessed moonlight.

While the exact origin of the phrase remains unclear, it does in fact refer to a rare blue coloring of the Moon caused by high-altitude dust particles. Most sources credit this unusual event, occurring only "once in a blue moon," as the true progenitor of the colorful phrase. The Moon always shows us the same face because Earth's gravity has slowed down the Moon's rotational speed.

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The Moon takes as much time to rotate once on its axis as it takes to complete one orbit of Earth. Both are about In other words, the Moon rotates enough each day to compensate for the angle it sweeps out in its orbit around Earth. Gravitational forces between Earth and the Moon drain the pair of their rotational energy.

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We see the effect of the Moon in the ocean tides. Likewise, Earth's gravity creates a detectable bulge -- a foot land tide -- on the Moon. Eons from now, the same sides of Earth and Moon may forever face each other, as if dancing hand in hand, though the Sun may balloon into a red giant, destroying Earth and the Moon, before this happens. There is no real formula for determining the visibility of the young Moon.

It depends on several factors: the angle of the ecliptic the Moon's path across the sky with respect to the horizon, the clarity of the sky how much dust and pollution gunks it up , and even the keenness of the observer's eyesight. The young Moon becomes visible to the unaided eye much earlier at times when the ecliptic is perpendicular to the horizon, and the Moon pops straight up into the sky. In these cases, it may be possible to see the Moon as little as 24 hours after it was new, although every hour beyond that greatly increases the chances of spotting it.

When the ecliptic is at a low angle to the horizon, and the Moon moves almost parallel to the horizon as it rises, the Moon probably doesn't become visible until at least 36 hours past new. The record for the earliest claimed sighting of the young crescent Moon is around 19 hours, although most experts are suspicious of any claims of times less than about 24 hours.

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january 27 2020 harvest moon astrology January 27 2020 harvest moon astrology
january 27 2020 harvest moon astrology January 27 2020 harvest moon astrology
january 27 2020 harvest moon astrology January 27 2020 harvest moon astrology
january 27 2020 harvest moon astrology January 27 2020 harvest moon astrology

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